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Veuve Ambal: Web | FacebookMaking sparkling wine since 1898

Marie Ambal, widow of a successful and prominent banker, founded the winery in 1898. Marie returned to her roots in Rully, a small village in the heart of Burgundy, to start producing sparkling wines. Her grandson Charles Roux-Ambal took over the business after her death, when he was barely 20. He continued the same rigorous work standards throughout his 60 years at the helm of the company. Charles’ grandson, Eric Piffaut, has run the enterprise since 1988. He greatly expanded the business, while continuing to ensure the highest quality of all products. Under his leadership, Veuve Ambal became the largest producer of Crémant in Burgundy and received multiple industry awards.

Prosper Maufoux WinesWine excellence since 1860

Prosper Maufoux B&BBeautiful accommodations in the heart of Burgundy

In 1860, Prosper Maufoux left the notary trade to pursue his wine passion and set up his own firm in Santenay. In 1970, the firm moved to an 1835 home with 15th century cellars, in the heart of Santenay. This house had been built by the then owner of the prestigious Romanée Conti estate. In the nineties, the firm was bought and run by Robert Fairchild who had been importing the Prosper Maufoux wines in the USA. The venerable firm was returned to its Burgundy roots with the 2010 purchase by Eric Piffaut, managing director of Veuve Ambal. The Maufoux Wine House not only accommodates customers, it also now welcomes guests overnight in its newly renovated and spacious rooms.

Freya’s FlorenceExperience Florence, don’t just visit it

Freya’s private tours of beautiful Florence truly engage visitors by helping them to discover and feel the rhythm, the history, the art, and the Florentine culture. They are an opportunity to feel part of the city’s long and fascinating history. Having fun and embracing all five senses is not only our goal, but what defines, for us, the Italian way of life – la dolce vita. Next time you plan to visit Florence, make sure you do it with Freya – you won’t regret it!

StraItalianItaly as never experienced before

Handcrafted Italian fine foods, straight from producers where traditions and culinary art merge for a superb final product. Wines from unexplored, up and coming areas, directly from boutique wineries. An Italian journey through food, culture, and unique landscapes, with a luxury concierge service to make your holidays a true break from your busy life.

Flickinger WinesRetailer of fine and rare wines

Flickinger Wines was created to satisfy the demand of wine buyers who like to buy older wines that are not available at their local retailer. They hold inventory of old and rare vintages of the world’s greatest and rarest wines in their temperature-controlled cellar. They obtain wines from various sources including customers who find they would like to reallocate their cellars to different types of wines, thin their collections, or simply take advantage of the market. Only wines that have been optimally stored are considered by Flicking Wines, and each bottle is inspected for its condition. Many of these are simply unavailable elsewhere, while more recent vintages are frequently offered at unbeatable prices.