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We organize private all-inclusive custom excursions for small groups of travelers. We help you discover one or more French regions: Burgundy, Basque and the South, all with their unique touches and surprises. We can also help you discover Paris, Bordeaux, Champagne, and the Rhone Valley, as well as Hungary, Croatia and Portugal.

You decide the length of your excursion with us, whether it’s a single day, several days, a week, or more. Your excursion starts when you meet your guide at the pre-arranged location or at the airport, and ends when you are dropped off at the end of the single day visit or the multi-day excursion, as per your itinerary.

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Family Connections & Small Groups

We work closely with you to organize an all-inclusive, customized luxury excursion for the length of time you decide, offering a balance of carefully selected activities. Small groups allow personalized and exclusive access to wineries, restaurants, and other cultural sites, including special visits to family-owned estates. We also include some relaxing time and sports activities, such as biking, hiking and golf in Portugal. In addition, each tour is led by a very knowledgeable and engaging local chauffeur and guide.

Food and Wine – We handle it all for you

Our excursion prices typically include all meals from breakfast through dinner (with all drinks and wines), unless you decide otherwise. This usually helps to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses once you get off the plane. Your customized excursion will allow you to enjoy a variety of dining spots and, depending on the time of year, seasonal specialties and events.

Accommodation & Transportation

Our accommodation and transportation selections are second to none and you will receive the highest level of service throughout your excursion. We select our transportation and lodging partners very carefully so you can truly enjoy your journey.


Burgundy is largely known for its food and wine, but it is a hidden jewel, whose history stretches back hundreds of years. These excursions will allow you to discover several of the region’s rich cultural treasures with the help of a local expert.

The highlight of each multi-day trip includes a visit to an historical home which dates back to 1835, and was originally built by the owner of the prestigious Domaine Romanée Conti estate. There, you will be treated to a wine tasting of some exceptional vintages produced in Burgundy, followed by a unique homemade wine pairing meal.


The southwest is not a typical destination when visiting France, unless you enjoy surfing, but the region is bountiful. From Biarritz and nearby beautiful Saint-Jean-de-Luz, you can make easy day-long visits to the Basque region, the Bordeaux wine area to the north, and Spain to the south (with the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao). Of course, you will most likely want to dip your toes in the ocean and taste the local delicacies, too!

One or more days will provide you with the opportunity to start discovering this beautiful historical region and its wonderful people.


Another destination not necessarily on travelers’ radar is the southern area, roughly between Toulouse and Montpellier, covering both the Languedoc and Minervois regions. These gastronomic and wine regions reveal that Romans planted their first vines in 10 A.D. near Narbonne, and also built the Via Domitia road from Rome to Narbonne, a major port in those times.

A typical excursion will allow you to discover a diverse region, experience regional specialties and wines, visit historical sites and chateaux, while staying in one of several wonderful lodging options.


We are offering a Budapest & Tokaj Wine Experience and a Budapest and Balaton Region Experience by partnering with premier local agencies. These excursions will take you to one of the most beautiful and lively capitals of Europe and its countryside; they will combine culture and wine.

Depending on how much time you have, you can discover the wonders of Budapest, the Eger wine region known as Hungary’s Burgundy, the Tokaj wine region with its diversity and volcanic soils, Lake Balaton and its region including a 1000-year old abbey, all with the help of a local expert guide.


In Croatia we offer a Northern and a Southern Excursion, providing you with a diverse choice of sightseeing and activities. These excursions will take you to one of the most beautiful and lively countries of Europe. During your visit to Croatia you will encounter the warmth of the people, taste wonderful foods and wines, and discover its culture and heritage.


We also offer two Portugal experiences: a Lisbon Golf & Culture Experience and a Porto Golf & Wine Experience. These excursions are for anyone interested in golf, culture and wine, but also for those wishing to visit a country they may not have thought about. Come experience the beautiful country of Portugal which claims 3,000 hours of sunshine a year!

Although multiple rounds of golf in the best resorts are an important part of these excursions, non-golfers will not be forgotten, and everyone in your group will experience historical visits and wine tastings while staying at luxurious hotels.

Thank You…

For considering A Scenic Road to partner with you in planning your excursion to Paris, Burgundy and beyond. Please review our Trip Planning page for additional information and contact us now! We look forward to seeing you soon.