About Us

Once Upon A Time…

In a small Burgundy village in 1898, my great, great, grandmother Marie Ambal founded a wine making company called Veuve Ambal. To this day, it remains in the family and is headed by one of my cousins. We often reminisce about the great times my cousins, friends, and I had running around the winery, playing hide and seek, and helping out pasting labels on bottles.

These memories have stuck with me throughout the years and have provided the inspiration to create A Scenic Road, your travel companion. Our passion is to create all-inclusive customized experiences for you so that in turn, you will remember your visit for a lifetime. We do this by listening to your wishes and by having you guide us to create your very own experience. Whether history, wine, cooking, hiking, biking, or staying and dining in an estate interests you, we can make it happen!

RullyA Scenic Road will take groups of one to eight travelers to not only the beautiful region of Burgundy, but several other French areas, from the Southwest Basque region to Provence, from Bordeaux to Champagne, and Paris too!

In addition, we also offer unique and custom excursions to Hungary, Croatia and Portugal.

Come, let us help you create a journey you will never forget.


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