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We will never forget our time in France--thank you for a fabulous experience. (Jeanne)


Bourgogne – Burgundy

The Burgundy region is renowned for its rich history, culinary tradition, and celebrated wines. Its people are gracious and reserved, and the terrain of rolling hills and small villages nestled amongst vineyards is captivating. Our excursions will help you discover this enchanting region in a personal way that most other tour companies cannot deliver. You'll want to return again and again.

Back to the Terroir

The Terroir (French word, from “terre” or "land") refers to the special characteristics that the geography, geology, and climate of a certain place bestow upon particular produce such as wine. It can be loosely translated as: “a sense of place.”


VEUVE AMBAL Crémant de Bourgogne Marie Ambal challenged four famous houses of Champagne in New York City. The Cuvée Marie Ambal was ranked... NUMBER 1 of 5 bubblies at the "Battle of the Bubbles" blind tasting! Click here for more info.


Take a 15-minute break to see Burgundy like you never have before. Read and view Rudi Goldman's article and video in which he captures the essence of wine celebrations and Burgundy hospitality. Just remember: you don't need to be a professional to experience Burgundy - just sign up to create your own private excursion!



Customized Tours

We work with you to create a unique, all-inclusive custom tour to meet your individual desires. Burgundy and the southern regions are the perfect spot to indulge in your passion, provide the backdrop for your special occasion, or host a group with a special interest.

Our tours won't disappoint, as you wind down beautiful scenic roads, through villages and vineyards. Activities include a mix of winery and cultural visits, wine tastings, dining in simple to high-end regional restaurants, cooking classes, antique market visits, aerial tours, and a choice of sporting activities – such as bicycling, running, hiking, or even karting!

Family Connection

Our family connections in Burgundy will provide personal touches during the trips, including a unique wine tasting and dinner hosted in an 1835 home originally built by the owner of the prestigious Domaine Romanée Conti estate.

Small Groups

Ideally, each trip should have 6 participants, enabling you to travel with a group of friends or family.

If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?

- Cardinal Richelieu, French clergyman & statesman